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Team building to unify a team

Promote collaboration and strengthen bonds within your team. Say goodbye to the boredom of conventional activities and opt for engaging and fun experiences that will stimulate creativity and encourage cooperation.

Whether it’s an outdoor adventure, a strategic challenge or a creative activity, we have the expertise to create meaningful moments.

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we take care of everything

Optimize the organization

 You provide us with your specifications or tell us about your wishes, needs,

We carry out the selection of activities and different service providers for you (speakers, places, restaurants, etc.)

We take care of price negotiation,

We position ourselves as your partner and work on your behalf. We look for what will exactly match the needs of your team building.

Within 48 to 72 hours, after providing us with the details of your request, we are able to send you proposals from the different establishments and/or stakeholders. So all you have to do is choose the ones that best meet your expectations.

Asking us for this research is completely FREE of cost for your company if it results in the signing of a contract between you and the chosen establishment. In fact, we are paid in the form of fees by the end service providers. They are of course committed to providing us with the best rates and not increasing them to cover our fees.

We obviously ensure that this is respected.

Otherwise, you will be charged €300 for these searches.